Robustness of central carbohydrate metabolism in developing maize kernels.

  title={Robustness of central carbohydrate metabolism in developing maize kernels.},
  author={Gertraud Spielbauer and Lilla Margl and L. Curtis Hannah and Werner R{\"o}misch and Christian Ettenhuber and Adelbert Bacher and Alfons Gierl and Wolfgang Eisenreich and Ulrich Genschel},
  volume={67 14},
The central carbohydrate metabolism provides the precursors for the syntheses of various storage products in seeds. While the underlying biochemical map is well established, little is known about the organization and flexibility of carbohydrate metabolic fluxes in the face of changing biosynthetic demands or other perturbations. This question was addressed in developing kernels of maize (Zea mays L.), a model system for the study of starch and sugar metabolism. (13)C-labeling experiments were… CONTINUE READING

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