Robust stabilization of nonlinear systems with pointwise norm-bounded uncertainties: a control Lyapunov function approach

  title={Robust stabilization of nonlinear systems with pointwise norm-bounded uncertainties: a control Lyapunov function approach},
  author={Stefano Battilotti},
  journal={IEEE Trans. Autom. Control.},
  • S. Battilotti
  • Published 1999
  • Mathematics
  • IEEE Trans. Autom. Control.
The authors give a necessary and sufficient condition for globally stabilizing a nonlinear system, robustly with respect to unstructured uncertainties /spl Phi//spl tilde/(u,x,t), norm-bounded for each fixed x and u. This condition requires one to find a smooth, proper, and positive definite solution V(x) of a suitable partial differential inequality depending only on the system data. A procedure, based on the knowledge of V(x), is outlined for constructing almost smooth robustly stabilizing… 

Robust stabilization for multi-input polytopic nonlinear systems

  • Lipo Mo
  • Mathematics
    J. Syst. Sci. Complex.
  • 2011
A universal formula for constructing stabilizing controller is proposed and the existence of the corresponding Lyapunov function is proven and the feasibility of the proposed control law is verified by a numerical example.

Robust nonlinear control : from continuous time to sampled-data with aerospace applications.

The dissertation deals with the problems of stabilization and control of nonlinear systems with deterministic model uncertainties. First, in the context of uncertain systems analysis, we introduce

Robust Stabilization for Single-Input Polytopic Nonlinear Systems

The robust control Lyapunov function approach is used to derive a sufficient condition for the existence of time-invariant, continuous, asymptotically stabilizing state feedback controllers, and a universal formula for constructing stabilizing controllers when the presented sufficient condition is met is provided.

Generalized State-Dependent Scaling for Local Optimality, Global Inverse Optimality, and Global Robust Stability 12

: This paper provides a solution to an inverse optimal robust control problem for uncertain nonlinear systems. A new version of robust backstepping is proposed in which inverse optimality is achieved

Robust CLRF based nonlinear control design for time delay systems

  • M. Jankovic
  • Mathematics
    Proceedings of the 2000 American Control Conference. ACC (IEEE Cat. No.00CH36334)
  • 2000
The concept of control Lyapunov-Razumikhin function (CLRF) has been introduced as a tool for designing globally stabilizing control law for time delay systems. The control law has the same form as

Control Lyapunov-Razumikhin functions and robust stabilization of time delay systems

It turns out that the domination redesign control law applies, achieving global practical stability and, under an additional assumption, global asymptotic stability.

Stability and stabilization: discontinuities and the effect of disturbances

This expository paper deals with several questions related to stability and stabilization of nonlinear finite-dimensional continuous-time systems. The topics covered include a review of stability and

Global robust state-feedback for nonlinear systems via dynamic high-gain scaling

We propose state-feedback controller design methodologies using our recent results on uniform solvability of state-dependent matrix Lyapunov equations. The controller designs obtained do not involve



Robust stabilization of uncertain linear systems: quadratic stabilizability and H/sup infinity / control theory

The problem of robustly stabilizing a linear uncertain system is considered with emphasis on the interplay between the time-domain results on the quadratic stabilization of uncertain systems and the

Inverse Optimality in Robust Stabilization

The concept of a robust control Lyapunov function ({\Bf rclf}) is introduced, and it is shown that the existence of an {\Bf rclf} for a control-affine system is equivalent to robust stabilizability

Stabilization of uncertain systems with norm bounded uncertainty-a control

A robust stabilization problem in a state-space setting is treated. It is assumed that the states are available for feedback. Using a fixed Lyapunov function approach (quadratic stability) it is

Universal controllers for robust control problems

A general theorem is given on the construction of “universal” controllers for a class of robust stabilization problems, which requires that a certain nonlinear inequality is solvable pointwisely or that a robust control Lyapunov function does exist.

A stabilization algorithm for a class of uncertain linear systems

Solution to the positive real control problem for linear time-invariant systems

In this paper we study the problem of synthesizing an internally stabilizing linear time-invariant controller for a linear time-invariant plant such that a given closed-loop transfer function is

A Smooth Converse Lyapunov Theorem for Robust Stability

This paper presents a converse Lyapunov function theorem motivated by robust control analysis and design. Our result is based upon, but generalizes, various aspects of well-known classical theorems.

H∞ control for nonlinear systems with output feedback

The basic question of nonlinear H/sup infinity / control theory is to decide, for a given two-port system, when feedback that makes the full system dissipative and internally stable exists. This

Disturbance attenuation and H/sub infinity /-control via measurement feedback in nonlinear systems

A solution to the problem of disturbance attenuation via measurement feedback with internal stability is presented for an affine nonlinear system. It is shown that the concept of disturbance

Global output regulation and disturbance attenuation with global stability via measurement feedback for a class of nonlinear systems

Considers the problem of global stabilization via output feedback for a class of nonlinear systems which have been previously considered by many authors and are characterized by having nonlinear