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Robust repetitive control and applications

  title={Robust repetitive control and applications},
  author={Edi Kurniawan},

High-order repetitive model reference control for linear systems with uncertain periodic references and disturbances

This paper presents a systematic method to design a high-order repetitive model reference controller (HO-RMRC) for a discrete-time linear system that is subject to uncertain periodic references and

Analisis Plug-in Repetitive Control untuk Rejection Multiple Periodical Disturbance dengan Metode Least Common Multiplier dan Multi Repetitive Control

The results showed that the system with MRC method is slightly faster and best in rejecting disturbance signals with rejecting time 1.8s, much faster than the system using Least Common Multiple method.

Discrete‐time modified repetitive sliding mode control for uncertain linear systems

Comparative simulation results demonstrate that the proposed method is able to accurately track reference signal and to reject disturbance with fast transient response and that the closed-loop system remains stable in the presence of plant parameter changes.

Analysis and Simulation of PI and PID Control Systems Using Xcos Scilab

Research has been conducted to analysis and simulation of PI and PID control systems using Xcos-Scilab to find out whether the Trial and error method is more appropriate to use in the in the PID control system simulation  or  not.

Sliding Mode Repetitive Controller for a Plant with Time-Varying Sampling Times

The SMRC basically integrates the features of Repetitive Control and Sliding Mode Control in order to get the advantages from both controllers and reaches convergency and small tracking error when the reference is periodic.

Design of Causal Compensator for Dual Periods Repetitive Control System

The proposed design of causal compensator, a design of stable compensator of RC in the form of proper transfer function, can reduce the complexity of the dual periods RC system.

Comparative analysis of discrete-time plug-in multi periods repetitive control using different internal models

This paper presents comparative analysis of plugin multi-periods Repetitive Control (RC) system using different type of internal models. The term plug-in here refers to the use of RC in addition to

On Comparison Between Repetitive Controller and PI Controller Tracking Performance

Tracking periodic signals are common task in many control problems. One of the examples is movement control of pick and place robot in industry. The requirement of high tracking accuracy becomes very



Zero Phase Error Tracking Algorithm for Digital Control

A digital feedforward control algorithm for tracking desired time varying signals is presented. The feedforward controller cancels all the closed-loop poles and cancellable closed-loop zeros. For

A discrete time repetitive control system for MIMO plants

  • D. JeongB. Fabien
  • Business
    Proceedings of the 1999 American Control Conference (Cat. No. 99CH36251)
  • 1999
This paper presents an analysis and design of a repetitive control (RC) system for discrete time MIMO plants. The structure of the proposed RC system does not require the a prior decoupling of the

Repetitive Controller Design Using Optimization in the Frequency Domain

Plug in repetitive control for industrial robotic manipulators

The implementation of plug-in repetitive control on the direct drive axis of a prototype GMF A500 robot is considered and experimental results show that the tracking error is smoothly absorbed in a few cycles.

Linear Phase Lead Compensation Repetitive Control of a CVCF PWM Inverter

A simple and efficient linear phase lead compensation repetitive control scheme for engineers to develop high-performance power converter systems that helps a repetitive controller to achieve faster convergence rate, higher tracking accuracy, and wider stability region.

Digital PLL-based adaptive repetitive control

  • Z. CaoS. Narasimhulu
  • Computer Science
    2006 1st International Symposium on Systems and Control in Aerospace and Astronautics
  • 2006
The digital PLL-based adaptive repetitive control is proposed in this paper, where the sampling rate is locked to the reference period so that an integer number of samples per period are maintained at all times.


This paper addresses the tracking of near periodic time varying signals by proposing an integrated approach for simultaneously designing previewed feedforward, feedback, and repetitive control in a

Analysis and synthesis of discretetime repetitive controllers

  • Journal of Dynamic Systems, Measurement, and Control, vol. 111, pp. 353-358, 1989.
  • 1989

Repetitive and periodic controller design

Compensators can be designed to give zero steady-state error in tracking arbitrary periodic or repetitive reference signals. The previously presented technique for design of the compensator has a

Repetitive control using low order models

In repetitive control based on the internal model principle of Francis and Wonham (1976) much interest has been focused around the model comprising a time delay with a memoryless positive feedback