Robust relations between CCN and the vertical evolution of cloud drop size distribution in deep convective clouds

  title={Robust relations between CCN and the vertical evolution of cloud drop size distribution in deep convective clouds},
  author={Enrique Freud and Daniel Rosenfeld and Meinrat O Andreae and Alexandre Araujo Costa and Paulo A. Artaxo},
In-situ measurements in convective clouds (up to the freezing level) over the Amazon basin show that smoke from deforestation fires prevents clouds from precipitating until they acquire a vertical development of at least 4 km, compared to only 1–2 km in clean clouds. The average cloud depth required for the onset of warm rain increased by ∼350 m for each additional 100 cloud condensation nuclei per cm3 at a super-saturation of 0.5% (CCN 0.5%). In polluted clouds, the diameter of modal liquid… CONTINUE READING
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