Robust graphene membranes in a silicon carbide frame.

  title={Robust graphene membranes in a silicon carbide frame.},
  author={Daniel Waldmann and Benjamin Butz and Sebastian Bauer and Jan M Englert and Johannes Jobst and Konrad Ullmann and Felix Fromm and Maximilian Ammon and Michael Enzelberger and Andreas Hirsch and Sabine Maier and Patrik Schmuki and Thomas Seyller and Erdmann Spiecker and Heiko B Weber},
  journal={ACS nano},
  volume={7 5},
We present a fabrication process for freely suspended membranes consisting of bi- and trilayer graphene grown on silicon carbide. The procedure, involving photoelectrochemical etching, enables the simultaneous fabrication of hundreds of arbitrarily shaped membranes with an area up to 500 μm(2) and a yield of around 90%. Micro-Raman and atomic force… CONTINUE READING