Robust designs for generalized linear mixed models with possible model misspecification

  title={Robust designs for generalized linear mixed models with possible model misspecification},
  author={Xiaojian Xu and Sanjoy K. Sinha},
  journal={Journal of Statistical Planning and Inference},

Robust Simulation Design for Generalized Linear Models in Conditions of Heteroscedasticity or Correlation

In this paper, a computational approach to robust design for computer experiments without the need to assume independence or identical distribution of errors is developed.

A random model for the scale parameter in the Fréchet populations

This paper deals with one-way classification analysis when the response variable follows the one-parameter Frechet distribution and the factor effects are random. The stochastic properties of the

Model-robust Bayesian design through Generalised Additive Models for monitoring submerged shoals

A Bayesian design strategy to optimise sampling for a shoal deep reef system using three years of pilot data is developed and applied to design future monitoring of sub-merged shoals on the north-west coast of Australia with the aim of improving on current monitoring designs.

Causes of Changing Woodland Landscape Patterns in Southern China

Forests are composed of landscape spatial units (patches) of different sizes, shapes, and characteristics. The forest landscape pattern and its trends are closely related to resistance to

Robust designs for dose-response studies: Model and labelling robustness

  • D. Wiens
  • Mathematics
    Comput. Stat. Data Anal.
  • 2021



Sequential designs for repeated-measures experiments

We discuss optimal sequential designs for analyzing longitudinal data or repeated measurements in the framework of generalized linear mixed models (GLMMs). The construction of optimal designs for

Designs for Generalized Linear Models With Several Variables and Model Uncertainty

A method is proposed for finding exact designs for experiments that uses a criterion allowing for uncertainty in the link function, the linear predictor, or the model parameters, together with a design search.

Bayesian D-Optimal Designs for Poisson Regression Models

By incorporating informative and/or historical knowledge of the unknown parameters, Bayesian experimental design under the decision-theory framework can combine all the information available to the

Bayesian D-optimal design for logistic regression model with exponential distribution for random intercept

This article considered logistic regression models with a random intercept having exponential distribution to obtain the Bayesian D-optimal design, which is a function of the quasi-information matrix that depends on the unknown parameters of the model.

Robust sequential designs for nonlinear regression

The authors introduce the formal notion of an approximately specified nonlinear regression model and investigate sequential design methodologies when the fitted model is possibly of an incorrect

Some robust design strategies for percentile estimation in binary response models

For the problem of percentile estimation of a quantal response curve, the authors determine multiobjective designs which are robust with respect to misspecifications of the model assumptions. They

Misspecified maximum likelihood estimates and generalised linear mixed models

SUMMARY We investigate the impact of model violations on the estimate of a regression coefficient in a generalised linear mixed model. Specifically, we evaluate the asymptotic relative bias that