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Robust copy-move forgery detection by false alarms control

  title={Robust copy-move forgery detection by false alarms control},
  author={Thibaud Ehret},
  • T. Ehret
  • Published 3 June 2019
  • Computer Science
  • ArXiv
Detecting reliably copy-move forgeries is difficult because images do contain similar objects. The question is: how to discard natural image self-similarities while still detecting copy-moved parts as being "unnaturally similar"? Copy-move may have been performed after a rotation, a change of scale and followed by JPEG compression or the addition of noise. For this reason, we base our method on SIFT, which provides sparse keypoints with scale, rotation and illumination invariant descriptors. To… Expand


Image Copy-Move Forgery Detection Based on SURF
A fast method to detect image copy-move forgery is proposed based on the SURF (Speed up Robust Features) descriptors, which are invariant to rotation, scaling etc. Expand
Rotation robust detection of copy-move forgery
  • Weihai Li, Nenghai Yu
  • Mathematics, Computer Science
  • 2010 IEEE International Conference on Image Processing
  • 2010
An efficient algorithm based on the Fourier-Mellin Transform is proposed with features extracted along radius direction, which is robust to duplicated regions of large rotation angle, whereas existed algorithms can only treat slight rotation. Expand
An Evaluation of Popular Copy-Move Forgery Detection Approaches
This paper created a challenging real-world copy-move dataset, and a software framework for systematic image manipulation, and examined the 15 most prominent feature sets, finding the keypoint-based features Sift and Surf as well as the block-based DCT, DWT, KPCA, PCA, and Zernike features perform very well. Expand
Detecting multiple copies in tampered images
This paper presents a method to detect copy-move forgeries, using a SIFT-based approach, which consists of three parts: keypoint clustering, cluster matching, and texture analysis. Expand
An efficient and robust method for detecting copy-move forgery
The proposed features can detect duplicated region in the images very accurately, even when the copied region was undergone severe image manipulations and use of counting bloom filters offers a considerable improvement in time efficiency at the expense of a slight reduction in the robustness. Expand
Automatic Detection of Internal Copy-Move Forgeries in Images
  • T. Ehret
  • Computer Science
  • Image Process. Line
  • 2018
This article presents an implementation and discussion of the recently proposed ‘Efficient DenseField Copy-move Forgery Detection’ by Cozzolino et al. and extends successfully the method to the use of dense SIFT descriptors and shows that they are better at detecting forgeries using Poisson editing. Expand
COVERAGE — A novel database for copy-move forgery detection
Experimental results show that popular forgery detection methods perform poorly over COVERAGE, and the proposed sparsity based metric best correlates with human detection performance, and are released to the research community. Expand
A robust detection algorithm for copy-move forgery in digital images.
An efficient and robust approach to detect region duplication in image manipulation where part of an image is pasted to another location to conceal undesirable objects and with low computational complexity is presented. Expand
Efficient Dense-Field Copy–Move Forgery Detection
A new algorithm for the accurate detection and localization of copy-move forgeries, based on rotation-invariant features computed densely on the image, is proposed, using a fast approximate nearest-neighbor search algorithm, PatchMatch, especially suited for the computation of dense fields over images. Expand
Automatic JPEG Grid Detection with Controlled False Alarms, and Its Image Forensic Applications
This work proposes a new JPEG grid detection algorithm based on the a-contrario framework which reins in the over-detections caused by multiple testing and yields a Number of False Alarms (NFA) which gives extremely secure guarantees for tampering detection. Expand