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Robust automated void detection in solder balls and joints

  title={Robust automated void detection in solder balls and joints},
  author={A. F. Said and B. Bennett and Lina Karam and J. Pettinato},
Accuracy in solder balls and joint void detection is very important. If voids are incorrectly identified, board yield will be affected by incorrect scrapping and rework. Voids are difficult to detect using manual inspection alone. One current solution to make voids visible involves the use of a 2D x-ray system to image the boards. Some existing x-ray inspection systems have void detection algorithms that require the use of intensive, time consuming, fine tuning operations. These algorithms… Expand
Automated Void Detection in Solder Balls in the Presence of Vias and Other Artifacts
Voids are one of the major defects in solder balls and their detection and assessment can help in reducing unit and board yield issues caused by excessive or very large voids. Voids are difficult toExpand
Automated defect detection of insulated gate bipolar transistor based on computed laminography imaging
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The Effect of Voids on Thermal Reliability of BGA Lead Free Solder Joint and Reliability Detecting Standard
Recently, there have been serious debates about whether Pb should be removed from solder joint, in view of environmental problems. These debates have now developed to the extent that a remarkableExpand
A Computational Approach to Edge Detection
  • J. Canny
  • Mathematics, Computer Science
  • IEEE Transactions on Pattern Analysis and Machine Intelligence
  • 1986
There is a natural uncertainty principle between detection and localization performance, which are the two main goals, and with this principle a single operator shape is derived which is optimal at any scale. Expand
Parametric invesstigation of liquid cooling module using FC-72
  • J. Kim, W.H. Cha, K. Rainey, S. Lee, S. M. You
  • Materials Science
  • Thermal and Thermomechanical Proceedings 10th Intersociety Conference on Phenomena in Electronics Systems, 2006. ITHERM 2006.
  • 2006
The effect of five parameters that affect the performance of a liquid cooling module; module orientation, charge ratio, charge temperature and air temperature have been investigated. The liquidExpand
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Nonlocal plasticity effects on interaction of different size voids
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Detecting junctions using properties of the Laplacian of Gaussian detector
  • S. Tabbone
  • Mathematics, Computer Science
  • Proceedings of 12th International Conference on Pattern Recognition
  • 1994
This study shows two properties: the Laplacian of Gaussian is zero at any junction and it has one or several elliptic extrema that always lie inside the junction sectors. Expand
Methods for fast morphological image transforms using bitmapped binary images
The algorithms described in this paper are capable of performing the basic morphological image transforms using structuring elements of arbitrary size and shape, using a bitmap representation of binary images instead of representing binary images as bitplanes inserted in gray value images. Expand
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Behavior of the Laplacian of Gaussian Extrema
This paper analyses the behavior in scale space of linear junction models (L, Y and X models), nonlinear junction models, and linear junction multi-models and shows that for infinite models the Laplacian of the Gaussian at the corner point is not always equal to zero. Expand
Voids in Solder Joints
  • Surface Mount Technology Association Journal, vol. 19, Issue 4, pp28-36, 2006.
  • 2006