Robust and Efficient Optimization Using a Marquardt-Levenberg Algorithm with R Package marqLevAlg

  title={Robust and Efficient Optimization Using a Marquardt-Levenberg Algorithm with R Package marqLevAlg},
  author={Viviane Philipps and Boris P. Hejblum and M{\'e}lanie Prague and Daniel Commenges and C{\'e}cile Proust-Lima},
  journal={R J.},
Optimization is an essential task in many computational problems. In statistical modelling for instance, in the absence of analytical solution, maximum likelihood estimators are often retrieved using iterative optimization algorithms. R software already includes a variety of optimizers from general-purpose optimization algorithms to more specific ones. Among Newton-like methods which have good convergence properties, the Marquardt-Levenberg algorithm (MLA) provides a particularly robust… 

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