Robust and Efficient Fourier-Mellin Transform Approximations for Gray-Level Image Reconstruction and Complete Invariant Description

  title={Robust and Efficient Fourier-Mellin Transform Approximations for Gray-Level Image Reconstruction and Complete Invariant Description},
  author={St{\'e}phane Derrode and Faouzi Ghorbel},
  journal={Comput. Vis. Image Underst.},
This paper addresses the gray-level image representation ability of the Fourier?Mellin transform (FMT) for pattern recognition, reconstruction, and image database retrieval. The main practical difficulty of the FMT lies in the accuracy and efficiency of its numerical approximation and we propose three estimations of its analytical extension. A comparison of these approximations is performed from discrete and finite-extent sets of Fourier?Mellin harmonics by means of experiments in: (i) image… 

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Towards a unitary formulation for invariant image description: application to image coding

  • F. Ghorbel
  • Mathematics, Computer Science
    Ann. des Télécommunications
  • 1998
A joint topology and harmonic analysis formulation for the extraction of global shape descriptors which are invariant under a given group of geometrical transformations, derived from this a shape metric.

A Rotation, Translation, and Scale-Invariant Approach to Content-Based Image Retrieval

The signature appears to capture perceptually relevant image features, in that it allows successful database querying using example images which have been subject to arbitrary camera and subject motion, and confirms invariance to 2D rigid transformations, as well as high resilience to more general affine and projective transformations.

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  • Mathematics
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  • 1992
The problem of reconstruction of an image from discrete and noisy data by the method of moments by the set of orthogonal moments based on Legendre polynomials is examined and mutual relationships between a number of moments, the image smoothness, sampling rate, and noise model characteristics are revealed.

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Experiments on pattern recognition using invariant Fourier-Mellin descriptors.

  • Y. ShengH. Arsenault
  • Engineering
    Journal of the Optical Society of America. A, Optics and image science
  • 1986
Image descriptors based on the circular-Fourier-radial-Mellin transform are used for position, rotation, scale, and intensity-invariant multiclass pattern recognition and the influence of additive noise is investigated.

Stability of invariant Fourier descriptors and its inference in the shape classification

  • F. Ghorbel
  • Mathematics
    Proceedings., 11th IAPR International Conference on Pattern Recognition. Vol. III. Conference C: Image, Speech and Signal Analysis,
  • 1992
The author introduces a new property for Fourier descriptors, the stability which expresses the fact that a low level divergence in the invariants does not induce a noticeable distortion of the shape, giving a topologic meaning to the identification of the space shape with the space of invariants.

A New Implementation of the Mellin Transform and its Application to Radar Classification of Ships

  • P. ZwickeI. Kiss
  • Mathematics
    IEEE Transactions on Pattern Analysis and Machine Intelligence
  • 1983
A modified Mellin transform for digital implementation is developed and applied to range radar profiles of naval vessels and results in the desired insensitivity without having the low-pass filtering characteristic that exists in other Fourier-Mellin implementations.

On Image Analysis by Moments

The detailed error analysis involved in the moment method is discussed and several new techniques to increase the accuracy and efficiency of moment descriptor are proposed for image reconstruction from the orthogonal Legendre moments computed from discrete and noisy data.