Robust Stability Assessment in the Presence of Load Dynamics Uncertainty

  title={Robust Stability Assessment in the Presence of Load Dynamics Uncertainty},
  author={Hung Dinh Nguyen and Konstantin S. Turitsyn},
  journal={IEEE Transactions on Power Systems},
  • H. Nguyen, K. Turitsyn
  • Published 26 November 2014
  • Computer Science, Engineering, Mathematics
  • IEEE Transactions on Power Systems
Dynamic response of loads has a significant effect on system stability and directly determines the stability margin of the operating point. Inherent uncertainty and natural variability of load models make the stability assessment especially difficult and may compromise the security of the system. We propose a novel mathematical “robust stability” criterion for the assessment of small-signal stability of operating points. Whenever the criterion is satisfied for a given operating point, it… 
Network-based analysis of long-term voltage stability considering loads with recovery dynamics
Stability conditions are proposed for static and small-disturbance voltage stability of power systems, which reveal the interactions between network graph, load demand and load characteristics and sheds new light on the static andsmall-disturbed voltage stability mechanisms.
Small-Disturbance Voltage Stability of Power Systems: Dependence on Network Structure
The simulation results of the Hong Kong power grid show that the WLC can still indicate the stability of network structures effectively, and the systems with more stable network structures are less impacted by the penetration of RESs.
Robust Control Architectures for Renewable-Integrated Power Networks using Convex Approximations
This paper designs centralized or decentralized state-feedback controllers for generators while considering worst-case uncertainty, and introduces the notion of robust control and stability for uncertain power networks.
Region of Attraction for Power Systems using Gaussian Process and Converse Lyapunov Function - Part I: Theoretical Framework and Off-line Study
A novel framework to construct the region of attraction (ROA) of a power system centered around a stable equilibrium by using stable state trajectories of system dynamics is introduced and can significantly enlarge the estimated ROA compared to that of the analytic Lyapunov counterpart.
Simulation Analysis of Microgrid Voltage Stability with Multi-induction Motor Loads
The microgrid voltage stability can be effectively improved by applying methods of superimposed starting strategy and fast motor cutting strategy, which provides a reference for voltage stability research and control of the microgrid with MIM loads.
Robust Control for Renewable-Integrated Power Networks Considering Input Bound Constraints and Worst Case Uncertainty Measure
This paper designs centralized or decentralized state-feedback controllers for generators while considering worst case uncertainty, resulting in a nonconvex optimization routine that yields a state feedback gain mitigating the impact of disturbances.
Online PMU-Based Method for Estimating Dynamic Load Parameters in Ambient Conditions
This paper proposes a novel purely measurement-based method for estimating dynamic load parameters in near real-time when stochastic load fluctuations are present that can provide highly accurate estimation without requiring any information about the power system model.
An Online Network Model-Free Wide-Area Voltage Control Method Using PMUs
Numerical results on the IEEE 39- Bus and IEEE 68-Bus systems demonstrate that the proposed model-free WAVC can provide effective voltage control in various network topologies, different combinations of voltage-controlled and voltage-uncontrolled buses, under measurement noise, and in case of missing PMUs.
Contraction Analysis of Nonlinear DAE Systems
It is shown that an important property of a contracting DAE system is that the reduced system always contracts faster than any synthetic counterpart, and there always exists a synthetic system, whose contraction rate is arbitrarily close to that of the DAE.
Targeted False Data Injection Attacks Against AC State Estimation Without Network Parameters
A novel targeted false data injection attack (FDIA) model against AC state estimation is proposed, requiring no network parameters and relying only on limited phasor measurement unit (PMU) data, which can target specific states and launch large deviation attacks.


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