Robust Segmentation Using Marked Regular Pyramid and Mean Shift


This paper describes a novel fast mean shift algorithm based on a resampling technique with marked regular pyramid structure. This new method focuses on solving the problem of high calculation complexity when high data dimension or large data sets are involved in mean shift. By resampling the original image with marked regular pyramid structure, improved method reduces the number of pixels requiring mean-shift iterations and also reduces the complexity of the mean shift algorithm. The proposed approach is efficient in providing good segmentation performance. The experimental results demonstrate the effectiveness of the proposed approach.

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@article{Li2010RobustSU, title={Robust Segmentation Using Marked Regular Pyramid and Mean Shift}, author={An Li and Xue-mei Xu and Qiaoyun Guo and Qin Mo}, journal={2010 International Symposium on Intelligence Information Processing and Trusted Computing}, year={2010}, pages={341-344} }