Robust Ensemble Filtering and Its Relation to Covariance Inflation in the Ensemble Kalman Filter

  title={Robust Ensemble Filtering and Its Relation to Covariance Inflation in the Ensemble Kalman Filter},
  author={Xiaodong Luo and Ibrahim Hoteit},
  journal={Monthly Weather Review},
AbstractA robust ensemble filtering scheme based on the H∞ filtering theory is proposed. The optimal H∞ filter is derived by minimizing the supremum (or maximum) of a predefined cost function, a criterion different from the minimum variance used in the Kalman filter. By design, the H∞ filter is more robust than the Kalman filter, in the sense that the estimation error in the H∞ filter in general has a finite growth rate with respect to the uncertainties in assimilation, except for a special… 
Adaptive ensemble Kalman filtering of non-linear systems
This work proposes an adaptive scheme, based on lifting Mehra's idea to the non-linear case, that recovers the model error and observation noise covariances in simple cases, and in more complicated cases results in a natural additive inflation that improves state estimation.
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An error covariance matrix plays an important role in maintaining the statistical property of the ensemble in an ensemble Kalman filter method. However, data assimilation filter divergence may occur
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This work proposes a robust and non-Gaussian version of the shrinkage-based knowledge-aided EnKF implementation called Ensemble Time Local H∞ Filter Knowledge-Aided (EnTLHF-KA). The EnTLHF-KA
Robust Ensemble Kalman Filters and Localization for Multiple State Variables
  • S. Roh
  • Environmental Science
  • 2014
A methodology to make EnKF robust, based on the employment of robust statistics, is developed and a number of localization filters are introduced that ensure that the background-error covariance matrix is positive-definite.
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The estimation accuracy of ensemble forecast errors is crucial to the assimilation results for all ensemble-based schemes. The ensemble Kalman filter (EnKF) is a widely used scheme in land surface
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This paper provides an alternative point of view to the robust estimation technique for nonlinear non Gaussian systems based on exponential quadratic cost function. The proposed method, named the
Estimating Observation Error Statistics Using a Robust Filter Method for Data Assimilation
This work combines the ensemble time-local H-infinity filter with an estimate of observation error covariance matrix with a classical nonlinear Lorenz-96 model and shows that the robust filtering with observation error estimation is more accurate, more robust, and the filtering is more stable.


Analysis Scheme in the Ensemble Kalman Filter
This paper discusses an important issue related to the implementation and interpretation of the analysis scheme in the ensemble Kalman filter. It is shown that the observations must be treated as
Adaptive sampling with the ensemble transform Kalman filter
The ET KF technique is used by the National Centers for Environmental Prediction in the Winter Storm Reconnaissance missions of 1999 and 2000 to determine where aircraft should deploy dropwindsondes in order to improve 24‐72-h forecasts over the continental United States.
A New Approximate Solution of the Optimal Nonlinear Filter for Data Assimilation in Meteorology and Oceanography
This paper introduces a new approximate solution of the optimal nonlinear filter suitable for nonlinear oceanic and atmospheric data assimilation problems. The method is based on a local
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Abstract A theory for estimating the probability distribution of the state of a model given a set of observations exists. This nonlinear filtering theory unifies the data assimilation and ensemble
Sigma-Point Kalman Filter Data Assimilation Methods for Strongly Nonlinear Systems
Performance of an advanced, derivativeless, sigma-point Kalman filter (SPKF) data assimilation scheme in a strongly nonlinear dynamical model is investigated and a reduced s Sigma-point subspace model is proposed and investigated for higher-dimensional systems.
A Local Ensemble Kalman Filter for Atmospheric Data Assimilation
A new, local formulation of the ensemble Kalman Filter approach for atmospheric data assimilation based on the hypothesis that, when the Earth's surface is divided up into local regions of moderate size, vectors of the forecast uncertainties in such regions tend to lie in a subspace of much lower dimension than that of the full atmospheric state vector of such a region.