Robust Decentralized Pid Controller: a Case Study Návrh Robustného Decentralizovaného Pid Regulátora: Prípadová Štúdia

  title={Robust Decentralized Pid Controller: a Case Study N{\'a}vrh Robustn{\'e}ho Decentralizovan{\'e}ho Pid Regul{\'a}tora: Pr{\'i}padov{\'a} {\vS}t{\'u}dia},
  author={Danica Rosinov{\'a}},
Robust stability is an important aspect in control of real world systems, since uncertainties have to be considered in dynamic system model. This paper studies the robust decentralized controller design for case study: quadruple tank process, [3,4]. Several important aspects of system analysis are shown to choose appropriate pairing and assess stabilizability via decentralized control structure; the main contribution is in decentralized discrete-time controller design. Simulation results… CONTINUE READING