Robust Coordinated Transmission and Generation Expansion Planning Considering Ramping Requirements and Construction Periods

  title={Robust Coordinated Transmission and Generation Expansion Planning Considering Ramping Requirements and Construction Periods},
  author={Jia Li and Zuyi Li and Feng Liu and Hongxing Ye and Xuemin Zhang and Shengwei Mei and Naichao Chang},
  journal={IEEE Transactions on Power Systems},
  • Jia Li, Zuyi Li, +4 authors Naichao Chang
  • Published 1 December 2016
  • Engineering, Mathematics, Computer Science
  • IEEE Transactions on Power Systems
Two critical issues have arisen in transmission expansion planning with the rapid growth of wind power generation. First, severe power ramping events in daily operation due to the high variability of wind power generation pose great challenges to multi-year planning decision making. Second, the long construction periods of transmission lines may not be able to keep pace with the fast growing uncertainty due to the increasing integration of wind power generation. To address such issues, we… 
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Transmission Expansion and Reactive Power Planning Considering Wind Energy Investment Using A Linearized AC Model
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Security-Constrained generation and transmission expansion planning based on optimal bidding in the energy and reserve markets
The proposed SCGTEP is tested on the 6-bus and 118-bus IEEE networks in the GAMS software and can be simultaneously improved operation and security indices about 34.5% and 100%, respectively, compared to the power flow analysis based on the optimal location of generation units and transmission lines.


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