Robust Adaptive Unscented Particle Filter

  title={Robust Adaptive Unscented Particle Filter},
  author={Li Xue and She-sheng Gao and Yongmin Zhong},
  journal={Int. J. Intell. Mechatronics Robotics},
This paper presents a new robust adaptive unscented particle filtering algorithm by adopting the concept of robust adaptive filtering to the unscented particle filter. In order to prevent particles from degeneracy, this algorithm adaptively determines the equivalent weight function according to robust estimation and adaptively adjusts the adaptive factor constructed from predicted residuals to resist the disturbances of singular observations and the kinematic model noise. It also uses the… 

Adaptive Square-Root Unscented Particle Filtering Algorithm for Dynamic Navigation

The proposed algorithm adaptively adjusts the adaptive factor, which is constructed from predicted residuals, to refrain from the disturbance of abnormal observation and the kinematic model noise in the process of nonlinear filtering.

Intelligent adaptive unscented particle filter with application in target tracking

  • R. Havangi
  • Engineering
    Signal Image Video Process.
  • 2020
Intelligent adaptive unscented particle filter (IAUPF) mitigates particle impoverishment and provides more accurate state estimation results compared with the general PF.

Unscented Particle Filter Algorithm Based on Divide-and-Conquer Sampling for Target Tracking

The proposed algorithm can improve the diversity of particles and obtain higher tracking accuracy in less time than the particle swarm algorithm and intelligent adaptive filtering algorithm, and can be used in complex maneuvering conditions.

Constrained Unscented Particle Filter for SINS/GNSS/ADS Integrated Airship Navigation in the Presence of Wind Field Disturbance

The proposed constrained UPF uses the wind speed model to constrain the UPF filtering process to effectively resist the influence of wind field on the navigation solution.

Modelling and Simulation Platform for Chemical Plume Tracking and Source Localization

Using autonomous robot to detect chemical emissions and track plumes caused by fire, toxic gas leakage and explosive at their early stages, and swiftly localize their sources can avoid risking human

Kinematics and Dynamics Modeling of a New 4-DOF Cable-Driven Parallel Manipulator

The workspace model of mechanism's dynamic is obtained in an efficient and compact form by means of natural orthogonal complement NOC method which leads to the elimination of the nonworking kinematic-constraint wrenches and the derivation of the minimum number of equations.

Mission Design of a Team of Service Robots

The purpose of this chapter is to present an integrated approach for Mission Design of a team of Service Robots that is operating in partially known indoor environments such as libraries, hospitals,

A Study of the State of the Art in Synthetic Emotional Intelligence in Affective Computing

A broad area of applications such as interactive learning emotional systems, modeling emotional agents with an intention of employing these agents in human computer interactions as well as in education is presented.



The Unscented Particle Filter

This paper proposes a new particle filter based on sequential importance sampling that outperforms standard particle filtering and other nonlinear filtering methods very substantially and is in agreement with the theoretical convergence proof for the algorithm.

The unscented Kalman filter for nonlinear estimation

  • E. WanR. Van Der Merwe
  • Mathematics
    Proceedings of the IEEE 2000 Adaptive Systems for Signal Processing, Communications, and Control Symposium (Cat. No.00EX373)
  • 2000
This paper points out the flaws in using the extended Kalman filter (EKE) and introduces an improvement, the unscented Kalman filter (UKF), proposed by Julier and Uhlman (1997). A central and vital

Unscented filtering and nonlinear estimation

The motivation, development, use, and implications of the UT are reviewed, which show it to be more accurate, easier to implement, and uses the same order of calculations as linearization.

Adaptively robust filtering for kinematic geodetic positioning

Abstract. The Kalman filter has been applied extensively in the area of kinematic geodetic positioning. The reliability of the linear filtering results, however, is reduced when the kinematic model

Adaptively robust filter with multi adaptive factors

The adaptively robust filter with multi adaptive factors is more flexible in controlling the disturbing effects of the state components compared to theadaptively robust filters with unified adaptive factor and classified adaptive factors.

Particle filter for sensor fusion in a land vehicle navigation system

A novel particle filter for sensor fusion is proposed and the sampling importance resampling particle filter (SIR-PF) is applied to address the nonlinear measurement model and it shows better performances when compared with the EKF.

Adaptive estimation of multiple fading factors in Kalman filter for navigation applications

The results show that the proposed approach to adaptive estimation of multiple fading factors in the Kalman filter for navigation applications can significantly improve the filter performance and has the ability to restrain the filtering divergence even when system noise attributes are inaccurate.