Robots for humanity: User-centered design for assistive mobile manipulation

  title={Robots for humanity: User-centered design for assistive mobile manipulation},
  author={Tiffany L. Chen and Matei T. Ciocarlie and Steve B. Cousins and Phillip M. Grice and Kelsey P. Hawkins and Kaijen Hsiao and Charles C. Kemp and Chih-Hung King and Daniel A. Lazewatsky and Adam Leeper and Hai Nguyen and Andreas Paepcke and Caroline Pantofaru and William D. Smart and Leila Takayama},
  journal={2012 IEEE/RSJ International Conference on Intelligent Robots and Systems},
The Robots for Humanity project aims to enable people with severe motor impairments to interact with their own bodies and their environment through the use of an assistive mobile manipulator, thereby improving their quality of life. Assistive mobile manipulators (AMMs) are mobile robots that physically manipulate the world in order to provide assistance to people with disabilities. They present an exciting frontier for assistive technology, as they can operate away from the user, have a large… CONTINUE READING