Robot selection expert ‘Rose’


One of the major problems facing the robot user in the future will be his choice of the optimum robot for a particular task. What is needed is a highly automated robot selection system which will eliminate the human decision-making process. The system presented will be used when a robot is being considered to replace a human at a particular task, while the rest of the workplace remains fixed. The purpose of this paper is twofold; firstly, to demonstrate the knowledge required in making an optimum robot selection, and secondly, to provide a tutoral in designing an expert system using EXPERT. The paper will provide (1) the data base, (2) rules for transforming that data base, and (3) the control strategy that is necessary in implementing an expert system to perform the aforementioned task. The system will query the user as to the characteristics of the desired robot and the expert system will choose an optimum robot from the choices in the data base. The user will construct the environment in which the robot will be working by using 3-D modeling techniques. The user will choose from a menu and place the various objects which the robot will have to conform to. Thus, constraints such as maximum space available, can be stripped out of the 3-D drawing rather than having the expert system query the user for dimensions. One very good feature of such a system is that as new robots are developed their specifications can be added to the data base very easily.

DOI: 10.1007/BF00244276

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