Roboconf: A Hybrid Cloud Orchestrator to Deploy Complex Applications

  title={Roboconf: A Hybrid Cloud Orchestrator to Deploy Complex Applications},
  author={Linh Manh Pham and Alain Tchana and Didier Donsez and Noel De Palma and Vincent Zurczak and Pierre-Yves Gibello},
  journal={2015 IEEE 8th International Conference on Cloud Computing},
This paper presents Roboconf, an open-source distributed application orchestration framework for multi-cloud platforms, designed to solve challenges of current Autonomic Computing Systems in the era of Cloud computing. It provides a Domain Specific Language (DSL) which allows to describe applications and their execution environments (cloud platforms) in a hierarchical way in order to provide a fine-grained management. Roboconf implements an asynchronous and parallel deployment protocol which… CONTINUE READING
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