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RoboKit-MV: an Educational Initiative

  title={RoboKit-MV: an Educational Initiative},
  author={Azer Babaev and Ilya Osokin and Ilya Ryakin and Egor Davydenko and Vladimir Litvinenko and Ivan Khokhlov and Aleksandr Matsun and Vitaly Suvorov},
In this paper, we present a robot model and code base for affordable education in the field of humanoid robotics. We give an overview of the software and hardware of a robot that won several competitions with the team RoboKit in 2019−2021, provide analysis of the contemporary market of education in robotics, and highlight the reasoning beyond certain design solutions. 

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IEEE Transactions on Robotics, Proprioceptive Actuator Design in the MIT Cheetah: Impact Mitigation and HighBandwidth

  • Physical Interaction for Dynamic Legged Robots,
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