RoboCup-2001: The Fifth Robotic Soccer World Championships

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@article{Veloso2002RoboCup2001TF, title={RoboCup-2001: The Fifth Robotic Soccer World Championships}, author={Manuela M. Veloso and Tucker R. Balch and Peter R Stone and Hiroaki Kitano and Fuminori Yamasaki and Ken Endo and Minoru Asada and Mansour Jamzad and Sayyed Bashir Sadjad and Vahab S. Mirrokni and Moslem Kazemi and Hamid Reza Chitsaz and Abbas Heydarnoori and Mohammad Taghi Hajiaghayi and Ehsan Chiniforooshan}, journal={AI Magazine}, year={2002}, volume={23}, pages={55-68} }