Robert W Floyd, In Memoriam

  title={Robert W Floyd, In Memoriam},
  author={Donald Ervin Knuth},
  journal={SIGACT News},
  • D. Knuth
  • Published 1 December 2003
  • Computer Science
  • SIGACT News
Nobody has influenced my scientific life more than Bob Floyd. Indeed, were it not for him, I might well have never become a computer scientist. In this note I’ll try to explain some of the reasons behind these statements, and to capture some of the spirit of old-time computer science. Instead of trying to reconstruct the past using only incidents that I think I remember, I will quote extensively from actual documents that were written at the time things happened. The remarks below are extracted… 

Büchi, Lindenbaum, Tarski: A Program Analysis Appetizer

A research programme is described to establish precise, mathematical correspondences between these approaches to automata-theoretic and deductive proofs and to develop new analyzers using these results.

Layering Assume-Guarantee Contracts for Hierarchical System Design

An operator for forming open systems from closed systems is defined, based on a variant of the “while-plus” operator, that simplifies the writing of specifications that are realizable without being vacuous.

Validity and Correctness Before the OS: the Case of LEO I and LEO II

The present study focuses on the hardware testing, data validation and program correctness techniques designed and implemented for LEO I and II machines in the UK during the 1950s.

Reliability of Two-Terminal Networks Equivalent to Small Optimal Sorting Nets

This work compares the two-terminal reliability polynomials associated in this manner to small optimal sorting network connectivity graphs, with the reliability poyllomials of Moore-Shannon hammock networks of equivalent dimensions.



On ambiguity in phrase structure languages

A new subroutine that effects certain scanning and related operations and which can be called in FORTRAN programs has been coded recently and adopts the syntax machine approach of Glennie and can be used to deal with expanded recta-vocabularies.

A Descriptive Language for Symbol Manipulation

It will be the purpose of this paper to present a more suitable notation for description of compilers and other complicated symbol manipulation algorithms.

An algorithm defining ALGOL assignment statements

The algorithm described here will determine, with minor restrictions, whether a particular symbol string is a permissible ALGOL assignment statement or not, where a program is defined as a sequence of permissible statements separated by semicolons.

Bounded context syntactic analysis

Bounded context grammars form models for most languages used in computer programming, and many methods of syntactic analysis, including analysis by operator precedence, are special cases of bounded context analysis.

An algorithm for coding efficient arithmetic operations

In coding arithmetic operators for machines with accumulators (i.e., oneor two-address machines), right-to-left scans potcntiMly generate more efficient eoding than left- to-right scans.

A Linear Time Two Tape Merge

Notes on Avoiding "go to" Statements