Robert Mugabe's 2013 Presidential Election Campaign

  title={Robert Mugabe's 2013 Presidential Election Campaign},
  author={Blessing-Miles Tendi},
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Zimbabwe staged harmonised presidential, parliamentary and local elections on 31 July 2013. I was in Zimbabwe from 2 July to late September. Throughout this period, I closely followed the political fortuna of Zimbabwe President Robert Gabriel Mugabe before and after the 31 July presidential election. I had unique access to Mugabe’s campaign managers and was allowed to observe his electioneering at close range. Thus, the following account is based on first-hand knowledge of Mugabe’s election… 

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ZANU(PF) Campaign Manager 2, Marondera

    For a full transcript, see 'Mugabe's election Eve Press Conference

      Bullets for each of you": State-Sponsored Violence since Zimbabwe's

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