Robert Michels's Political Parties in Perspective

  title={Robert Michels's Political Parties in Perspective},
  author={Philip J. Cook},
  journal={The Journal of Politics},
  pages={773 - 796}
  • P. Cook
  • Published 1 August 1971
  • Political Science
  • The Journal of Politics
Robert Michels's Political Parties' and the "iron law of oligarchy" have enjoyed a minor, but strangely respected, and somewhat uncritically accepted position in American social science over the past 20 years. The work still fills an obvious gap in the literature of parties, and has interested a number of people because of its possible negative implications for democratic theory in general. It has become a minor classic. Many years have passed (especially in the history of the social sciences… 
Bending Michel's 'iron law of oligarchy': can democracy ever be for 'home consumption' in political parties?
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Ipropose in this paper to develop a theme from an earlier article I wrote on Michels: namely, that Zur Soziologie des Parteiwesens is to be understood as the work of someone who had passed over from
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Democracia e organização nos partidos políticos: revisitando os microfundamentos de Michels
O objetivo deste artigo e resgatar os pressupostos da tese de Robert Michels a respeito da dinâmica organizacional dos partidos politicos marcada por duas tendencias supostamente antagonicas: a
Realismo e utopia em Robert Michels
O artigo aponta e discute as principais influencias teoricas e politicas de Robert Michels na construcao de Sociologia dos partidos politicos, tentando ir alem das fontes mais conhecidas, como
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O objetivo deste artigo e, partindo das ponderacoes de Pierre Bourdieu acerca da importância do estudo das condicoes sociais da circulacao internacional de ideias, fazer uma sociologia historica da
Cumhuriyet Halk Partisi’nin Antalya Üyelerinin Parti İçi Demokrasi ve Oligarşiye Bakış Açısı
Robert Michels 1911 yilinda yazdigi “Siyasal Partiler” eserinde Alman Sosyal Demokrat Parti’nin secim kampanyalarinda halka demokrasi vaat ettigini, ancak parti icinde demokrasinin gecerli


Some Special Requisites of Democracy
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