Robert Hooke on memory, association and time perception (I)

  title={Robert Hooke on memory, association and time perception (I)},
  author={Beth R. Singer},
  journal={Notes and Records of the Royal Society of London},
  pages={115 - 131}
  • B. R. Singer
  • Published 1976
  • Art
  • Notes and Records of the Royal Society of London
Robert Hooke is well known for his classic study of microscopy, the Micrographia, and for his work on the theory of elasticity. However, Hooke made numerous other contributions during his lifetime to almost every branch of knowledge. His incredible versatility and energy have only recently begun to be fully appreciated. Newton and Hooke quarrelled for many years and Newton refused to become President of the Royal Society until Hooke’s death in 1703 (4, 5, 6). It has been suggested by Keynes (3… 

Robert Hooke’s model of memory

In 1682 the scientist and inventor Robert Hooke read a lecture to the Royal Society of London, in which he described a mechanistic model of human memory, which is more complete than the theory of Richard Semon, which came more than 200 years later.

Science of the subjective.

Between Memory and Paperbooks: Baconianism and Natural History in Seventeenth-Century England

This organization consists, in the first place, of a mechanical arrangement of materials, such as is to be found in our catalogues, lexicons, registers, indexes, digests, scientific and literary

Before Memex: Robert Hooke, John Locke, and Vannevar Bush on External Memory

  • R. Yeo
  • Computer Science
    Science in Context
  • 2007
Vannevar Bush's memex appears as a personal device for managing information that incorporates assumptions inimical to the strategies required for scientific analysis from an early modern perspective.

Introduction to ‘Origin and evolution of the nervous system’

The origin and evolution of the nervous system is still obscure and many questions and problems remain, and a recurrent problem is whether and to what extent sequence data provide reliable guidance for comparisons across phyla.

Comparative Bibliography - 1978

  • History
    History in Africa
  • 1978
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Godly Men and Mechanical Philosophers: Souls and Spirits in Restoration Natural Philosophy

The Argument Recent historiography of the Scientific Revolution has challenged the assumption that the achievements of seventeenth-century natural philosophy can easily be described as the