Robert Grosseteste on the Rainbow

  title={Robert Grosseteste on the Rainbow},
  author={Carl B. Boyer},
  pages={247 - 258}
Historians and scientists in i8I4 were startled by the disclosure (i) that the Cartesian geometrical explanation of the rainbow had been anticipated, in all but its quantitative aspect, by more than three hundred years. The achievement of THEODORIC OF FREIBERG in giving (some time between I304 and I3 I) the correct explanation of both the primary and secondary bows has been justly acclaimed as one of the greatest of medieval contributions to physical science; but the very magnitude of his… Expand
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This is a repository copy of Bow-shaped caustics from conical prisms : a 13 th-century account of rainbow formation from Robert Grosseteste Reuse This article is distributed under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution (CC BY) licence. This licence allows you to distribute,Expand
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