Robert Burns Woodward, 10 April 1917 - 8 July 1979

  title={Robert Burns Woodward, 10 April 1917 - 8 July 1979},
  author={Alexander Robertus Todd and John Warcup Cornforth},
  journal={Biographical Memoirs of Fellows of the Royal Society},
  pages={628 - 695}
  • A. Todd, J. Cornforth
  • Published 1 November 1981
  • History
  • Biographical Memoirs of Fellows of the Royal Society
In his lifetime Robert Burns Woodward made outstanding contributions spanning almost the whole range of theoretical and experimental organic chemistry. In preparing this biographical memoir the authors were of the opinion that separation of biographical detail from a discussion of his scientific contributions would make for greater clarity in presentation. Accordingly the memoir is presented in two parts— a personal biography of R. B. Woodward (by A. R. T.) and a discussion of his scientific… 
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Catalytic asymmetric 6pi electrocyclization: enantioselective synthesis of functionalized indolines.
An approach to catalytic asymmetric 6π electrocyclization leads to a highly enantioselective process that was used in the synthesis of chiral indolines and generates a delocalized 2-aza-pentadienyl anion system that cyclizes in up to 99% yield and 98% ee.
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Biogenesis of the Strychnos Alkaloids
ROBINSON 1 and Schöpf2 have developed the concept that a fundamental reaction of biogenesis involves the condensation between an amino group, a carbonyl group and an anionoid centre.
Synthese des 3′.8-Dimethyl-1.2-cyclopenteno-phenanthrens
Die Totalsynthese des 3′.8-Dimethyl-1.2-cyclopenteno-phenanthrens wird beschrieben und seine Identitat mit dem Kohlenwasserstoff C19H18 sichergestellt, der aus Sterinphenol durch Selendehydrierung