Roadmap to an Efficient Germanium-on-Silicon Laser: Strain vs. n-Type Doping

  title={Roadmap to an Efficient Germanium-on-Silicon Laser: Strain vs. n-Type Doping},
  author={Birendra Raj Dutt and Devanand S. Sukhdeo and Donguk Nam and Boris M. Vulovic and Ze Yuan and Krishna C. Saraswat},
  journal={IEEE Photonics Journal},
We provide a theoretical analysis of the relative merits of tensile strain and n-type doping as approaches to realizing an efficient low-power germanium laser. Ultimately, tensile strain offers threshold reductions of over 200x, and significant improvements in slope efficiency compared with the recently demonstrated 0.25% strained electrically pumped germanium laser. In contrast, doping offers fundamentally limited benefits, and too much doping is harmful. Moreover, we predict that tensile… CONTINUE READING
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