Roadblock to Innovation: The Role of Patent Litigation in Corporate R&D

  title={Roadblock to Innovation: The Role of Patent Litigation in Corporate R\&D},
  author={Filippo Mezzanotti},
The recent spike in patent litigation raises concerns about the ability of the current intellectual property system to effectively promote innovation. Using a difference-in-difference design around the 2006 Supreme Court decision ?eBay vs. MercExchange,? I examine how patent enforcement can reduce the negative effects of litigation on firms? innovation. This ruling was intended to curb abusive patent lawsuits by providing more flexibility in the way courts remedy patent violations. I estimate… Expand
Courting innovation: The effects of litigation risk on corporate innovation
  • M. Kabir Hassan, R. Houston, M. Sydul Karim
  • Business
  • Journal of Corporate Finance
  • 2021
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