Road Traffic Suicide in Switzerland

  title={Road Traffic Suicide in Switzerland},
  author={Saskia Gauthier and Thomas J Reisch and Vladeta Ajdacic-Gross and Christine Bartsch},
  journal={Traffic Injury Prevention},
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Objective: To determine details of road traffic suicides in Switzerland between 2000 and 2010 and to look at our results in relation to studies from other countries. Methods: Retrospective data analysis of road traffic suicides extracted from the database of all suicides investigated by Swiss institutes of forensic medicine between 2000 and 2010 using a standardized assessment sheet. Results: Out of 4,885 suicides in Switzerland, we identified 76 cases (1.56%) of road traffic suicide. Twenty… 

Means restriction for the prevention of suicide on roads.

The paucity of research around road traffic suicides and the need for future robust studies that aim to investigate the effectiveness of interventions to prevent suicide on roads are highlighted.

Suicide and murder-suicide involving automobiles

There is a need for public discussion of suicide by targeting an oncoming vehicle, and every effort must be made to help suicidal people with mental disorders or other predicaments.

Suicide by crashing into a heavy vehicle: Professional drivers’ views

Heavy vehicle drivers perceive road suicides as an occupational risk in their profession, and possible preventive measures against suicide attempts by crashing into a heavy vehicle are discussed.

Lying on the Road Before Being Run Over: Vehicular Manslaughter, Suicide, or Accident? Two Case Reports and Literature Review

It is suggested that a hit‐and‐run fatality should not be regarded as a manslaughter case until each piece of evidence has been carefully considered and an interdisciplinary method of reconstructing run over occurrences based on the following three steps is proposed.

Suicide by firearm in Switzerland: who uses the army weapon? Results from the national survey between 2000 and 2010.

The hypotheses that the observed drop in suicides is linked to the Army XXI reform and that restriction of access to guns is essential for reducing suicides by firearm are supported.

Suicide by crashing into a heavy vehicle: Focus on professional drivers using in-depth crash data

Suicides by crashing into heavy vehicles can have an impact on drivers’ well-being; however, it is difficult to see how heavy-vehicle drivers could avoid a suicide attempt involving their vehicle.

Characteristics of suicide-related crashes and their potential interventions: A literature review

It is paramount to start the discussion about suicide-related crashes to increase awareness, increase willingness to establish a reliable data and knowledge base, and encourage help seeking in individuals at increased risk of attempting suicide using this method.

Tieliikenneitsemurhat raskaan liikenteen kuljettajien näkökulmasta

Every profession has its own safety and health risks. Drivers of heavy vehicles run the risk of being involved in road traffic accidents, including accidents in which somebody tries to cause a




The objective of this study was to determine current knowledge concerning incidence and prevention, data collection practices and any associated inadequacies, relating to suicide and natural deaths

Single road traffic deaths--accident or suicide?

Examining the circumstances of single road traffic deaths in County Mayo, Ireland, over the 15-year period from 1978 to 1992 inclusive, evidence was sought to support the hypothesis that some accidental deaths may have been disguised suicides, but the authors could find no conclusive evidence to suggest that this hypothesis was true.

Suicide by Motor Vehicle “Accident” in Queensland

Improving the information available on the mental and physical health and background life-related factors of crash victims can help coroners and researchers determine whether these deaths were intentional.

Driver suicides in Finland - are they different in northern and southern Finland?

The number and the proportion of driver suicides in Finland have been quite constant since the beginning of the 1990s, averaging 20 per year, which is 8% of all fatal motor vehicle accidents in Finland.

Chances and Limits of Method Restriction: A Detailed Analysis of Suicide Methods in Switzerland

In Switzerland, reduction of firearm suicides has the highest potential to reduce the total number of suicides and the presented method permits the estimation of the suicide prevention potential of a country by method restriction and the comparison of restriction potentials between suicide methods.

Suicidal Behavior by Motor Vehicle Collision

The study gives a rare insight into driver suicide plans and attempts, via a large-scale community survey, to provide the best opportunity of collecting unbiased data on the driver suicide behavior.

Self-burning - a rare suicide method in Switzerland and other industrialised nations - a review.

Preventing road traffic injury : a public health perspective for Europe

The publication calls for a multisectoral and evidence-based approach to preventing road traffic injuries, with public health playing an important role, emphasizes the importance of a strong political commitment at all levels of government and makes recommendations for action.

Who takes alcohol prior to suicide?