Road Extraction from High-Resolution SAR Images via Automatic Local Detecting and Human-Guided Global Tracking

  title={Road Extraction from High-Resolution SAR Images via Automatic Local Detecting and Human-Guided Global Tracking},
  author={Jianghua Cheng and Wenxia Ding and Xishu Ku and Jixiang Sun},
  journal={International Journal of Antennas and Propagation},
Because of existence of various kinds of disturbances, layover effects, and shadowing, it is difficult to extract road from high-resolution SAR images. A new road center-point searching method is proposed by two alternant steps: local detection and global tracking. In local detection step, double window model is set, which consists of the outer fixed square window and the inner rotary rectangular one. The outer window is used to obtain the local road direction by using orientation histogram… 
Lane-Level Road Extraction from High-Resolution Optical Satellite Images
Compared with other methods, the proposed method not only ensures the accuracy of lane-level road extraction but also greatly improves the automation of road extraction.
A Literature Review on Road Segmentation Techniques in SAR Images for Video Surveillance Applications
This paper is mainly focused on the earlier works in this field such as numerous segmentation methods, identifying and automating the extraction of road regions from the SAR images by using convolution neural networks.
Road Extraction from High-Resolution Orthophoto Images Using Convolutional Neural Network
This study presents a deep learning technique based on a convolutional neural network (CNN) to classify and extract roads from orthophoto images and ascertained the reliability and superior performance of the suggested model architecture for extracting road regions from orthphoto images.
Road Extraction from High-Resolution Remote Sensing Imagery Using Deep Learning
This work provides a segmentation model that was designed based on densely connected convolutional networks (DenseNet) and introduces the local and global attention units and achieves a harmonic mean of precision and recall higher than other machine learning and deep learning methods.
Road network extraction: a neural-dynamic framework based on deep learning and a finite state machine
A neural-dynamic tracking framework is proposed to extract road networks based on deep convolutional neural networks (DNN) and a finite state machine (FSM) and the results illustrate that this approach is more accurate and efficient than the traditional ones.
A Robust Detection Method for Multilane Lines in Complex Traffic Scenes
A simple but robust multilane detection method that achieves similar or better performance compared with several state-of-the-art methods, the F1 score of the proposed method in the normal test set and most challenge test sets is better than other algorithms, which verifies the effectiveness of the proposal.
The extraction of the desert roads based on the U-Net network from remote sensing images
The automatic extraction of the roads from the remote sensing images is significant for the monitoring of the sandstorm hazards to the traffic arteries of the desert area. Since the current
Road segmentation using multipass single-pol synthetic aperture radar imagery
A novel SAR image product is introduced that captures how different regions decorrelate at different rates and how a modified Kolmogorov-Smirnov test can be used to model the static features even when the independent observation assumption is violated.
Survey of Road Extraction Methods in Remote Sensing Images Based on Deep Learning
Road information plays a fundamental role in application fields such as map updating, traffic management, and road monitoring. Extracting road features from remote sensing images is a hot and
Effect of Threshold Values Used for Road Segments Detection in SAR Images on Road Network Generation
The effect of threshold values used for road segments detection in synthetic aperture radar images of road network generation is examined and software to apply and test all situations is developed.


Semi-automatic road centerline extraction in high-resolution SAR images based on circular template matching
A new semi-automatic road centerline extraction method based on circular template matching that is effective in high resolution SAR images and linked by quadratic curve fitting.
Semi-automatic extraction of road networks by least squares interlaced template matching in urban areas
Results show that the proposed semi-automatic method is capable of robustly extracting roads from VHR imagery because the special configuration of the reference template can decrease side effects such as the occlusion of vehicles and the shadow of trees as much as possible.
Tracking Road Centerlines from High Resolution Remote Sensing Images by Least Squares Correlation Matching
This paper describes a semi-automatic algorithm for tracking road centerlines from satellite images at 1 m resolution. We assume that road centerlines are visible in the image and that among points
A template-matching based approach for extraction of roads from very high-resolution remotely sensed imagery
This article proposes an approach for semi-automated extraction of road networks by tracking apparent lane markings and/or median strips on VHR imagery and can successfully track over 94% of the highways and 81%" of the arterial roads from the VHR images, and save the time of 26% when comparing to traditional methods.
Extracting road centrelines from high-resolution satellite images using active window line segment matching and improved SSDA
The proposed approach is capable of rapidly and accurately extracting main road centrelines and has good robustness against noise and allows some kinds of user interventions in case automatic tracking fails.
Road Extraction From Satellite Images Using Particle Filtering and Extended Kalman Filtering
A method for dynamic clustering of the road profiles in order to maintain tracking when the road profile undergoes some variations due to changes in the road width and intensity is constructed.
Combining Multiple Algorithms for Road Network Tracking from Multiple Source Remotely Sensed Imagery: a Practical System and Performance Evaluation
A novel classification of roads is proposed, based on both the roads' geometrical, radiometric properties and the characteristics of the sensors, and it is proven that a combination of multiple algorithms is more reliable, more efficient and more robust for extracting road networks from multiple-source remotely sensed imagery than the individual algorithms.
Feature fusion to improve road network extraction in high-resolution SAR images
A road extraction method which is based on the fusion of classification and line detection at the feature level, which helps to improve both the level of likelihood and the number of the extracted roads.
Road tracking in aerial images based on human–computer interaction and Bayesian filtering
Junction-aware extraction and regularization of urban road networks in high-resolution SAR images
A general processing framework for urban road network extraction in high-resolution synthetic aperture radar images is proposed. It is based on novel multiscale detection of street candidates,