Road Accidents of Arba Minch town in Ethiopia an Empirical Study

  title={Road Accidents of Arba Minch town in Ethiopia an Empirical Study},
  author={Jemal Bedane Halkiyo and Bule Hora Universit and Sultan Bedane Halkiyu and Raju Ramesh Reddy},
  journal={International Journal of Civil Engineering},
Road accidents are unexpected incidents which took place in the urban areas very frequently that leads to lot of property damages, injuries and deaths. Due to various commercial and business activities, the vehicles in the urban areas will maintain high speed and too much over takings, resulting more number of accidents in short span. Moreover, the rapid urbanization, Industrialization and migration along with other social changes have resulted in increasing necessity for travel across all age… 

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A retrospective observational study on the demographic, injury profile and mortality pattern in autopsy cases with an alleged history of RTA in India to draw public attention and awareness in order to prevent/control RTA.

Medical and socioeconomic aspects of road traffic accidents

In order to reduce the incidence of road accidents it is important to establish an efficient organizational set-up, highlight the role of mass-transit, periodic checkup of the vehicle for its road worthiness and education of masses with the hope that they will adhere to the rules while on road.

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In addition to crashworthiness of vehicles, transportation planning, exposure control, intelligent separation of non-motorized traffic on major roads, and traffic calming are likely to play a much more important role.

Causes of fatal childhood accidents involving head injury in northern region, 1979-86.

The finding that most accidents occurred in children living in deprived areas who were playing unsupervised near their home suggests that childhood mortality might be appreciably reduced if children at play were protected from traffic, particularly in socially deprived areas.

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NAP-NCD makes a strong case for the establishment of a National Safety Commission, the development of product safety standards for household usage, enforcement of legislation on building safety, and efforts to improve trauma care to the extent that a credible, cost-effective analysis suggests.

Pattern of visceral injuries following blunt abdominal trauma in motor vehicular accidents.

Liver is the most commonly affected organ in high speed motor vehicle crashes that is reliably treated by suture hepatorrhaphy and the rate of postoperative infection and morbidity is high.

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Despite what is known about road traffic crashes and their health consequences, policymakers worldwide show little awareness of their contribution to the burden of disease; consequently they are neglected.

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Preventive medicine has always been part of the medical curriculum, but during the clinical training more stress is given to treat diseases, creating a gap in the knowledge of parents regarding their role in preventing injuries.

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