[Risks of silicone breast implants unproven].

  • Jean Nicolai
  • Published 1998 in Nederlands tijdschrift voor geneeskunde


The moratorium in the USA on inserting breast implants filled with silicone gel caused global alarm by inaccurate media reports resulting from settlements and verdicts against the manufacturers. In fact, there still is no scientific evidence that the implants have negative effects on health. On the contrary, there is an increasing number of studies that were unable to prove a link between the implants and diseases, specifically cancer, autoimmune disease or connective tissue disease. The European organization of plastic surgeons again stressed this point in June 1998. In the Netherlands it has been obligatory since June 1998 for all medical implants to carry a quality mark. In addition, it is the intention that data on silicone breast implants will be recorded in a national registration.

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