Risking your NEC

  title={Risking your NEC},
  author={Carlos Hoyos and Niko Jokela and Jos'e Manuel Pen'in and Alfonso V. Ramallo and Javier Tarr{\'i}o},
  journal={Journal of High Energy Physics},
Energy conditions, especially the null energy condition (NEC), are generically imposed on solutions to retain a physically sensible classical field theory and they also play an important role in the AdS/CFT duality. Using this duality, we study non-trivially deformed strongly coupled quantum field theories at large-Nc. The corresponding dual classical gravity constructions entail the use of radially non-monotonic D-brane distributions. The distributions are phenomenological in the sense that… 

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We construct a black hole geometry dual to a (2+1)-dimensional defect in an ambient (3+1)-dimensional gauge theory at non-zero temperature and quark density. The geometry is a solution to the

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We consider anisotropic black holes in the context of holographic renormalization group (RG) flows. We construct an a-function that is stationary at the boundary and the horizon and prove that it is

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We investigate the properties of the holographic entanglement entropy of the systems in which the U(1) or the translational symmetry is broken spontaneously. For this purpose, we define the

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We construct gravity duals to supersymmetric gauge theories in the presence of unquenched flavor hypermultiplets in the fundamental representation of the gauge group living on the (1+1)-dimensional



Starting the Universe: Stable Violation of the Null Energy Condition and Non-standard Cosmologies

We present a consistent effective theory that violates the null energy condition (NEC) without developing any instabilities or other pathological features. The model is the ghost condensate with the

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We construct a family of holographic duals to anisotropic states in a strongly coupled gauge theory. On the field theory side the anisotropy is generated by giving a vacuum expectation value to a

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A bstractWe study the holographic dual of flavors in a Chern-Simons matter theory at non-zero temperature, realized as D6-branes in the type IIA black hole dual in the ABJM background geometry. We

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We re-examine holographic versions of the c-theorem and entanglement entropy in the context of higher curvature gravity and the AdS/CFT correspondence. We select the gravity theories by tuning the

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For supergavrity solutions which are the product of an anti-de Sitter space with an Einstein space X, we study the relation between the amount of supersymmetry preserved and the geometry of X.

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We show that the large-N limits of certainconformal field theories in various dimensions includein their Hilbert space a sector describing supergravityon the product of anti-de Sitter spacetimes,

Three-dimensional super Yang-Mills with unquenched flavor

A bstractWe construct analytically the gravity duals of three-dimensional, super Yang-Mills-type theories with N=1$$ \mathcal{N}=1 $$ supersymmetry coupled to Nf quark flavors. The backreaction of