Risk of osteoporosis and fragility fractures in asthma due to oral and inhaled corticosteroids: two population-based nested case-control studies

  title={Risk of osteoporosis and fragility fractures in asthma due to oral and inhaled corticosteroids: two population-based nested case-control studies},
  author={Christos V. Chalitsios and Dominick E. Shaw and Tricia M. McKeever},
  pages={21 - 28}
Background Inhaled (ICS) and oral (OCS) corticosteroids are used widely in asthma; however, the risk of osteoporosis and fragility fracture (FF) due to corticosteroids in asthma is not well-established. Methods We conducted two nested case-control studies using linked data from the Clinical Practice Research Datalink (CPRD) and Hospital Episode Statistics (HES) databases. Using an asthma cohort, we separately identified patients with osteoporosis or FF and gender-, age- and practice-matched… 
Risk of subtrochanteric and femoral shaft fractures due to bisphosphonate therapy in asthma: a population-based nested case–control study
To improve AFF prevention, early signs which may warrant imaging, such as prodromal thigh pain, should be discussed and regular review of bisphosphonates should occur in patients with asthma.
Osteoporosis and fracture risk with corticosteroids used for asthma
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    Drug and Therapeutics Bulletin
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Risk of osteoporosis and fragility fractures in asthma due to oral and inhaled corticosteroids: two population-based nested case-control studies.
Frequency of Vitamin D Deficiency in Patients of Asthma
The frequency of vitamin D deficiency is very high in patients with asthma and these suboptimal levels are significantly influenced by the age of the patient and the duration of the disease.
Osteoporose bei pneumologischen Erkrankungen
Asthma und COPD sind die häufigsten obstruktiven Atemwegserkrankungen. Die chronische Inflammation bedingt eine Induktion von proinflammatorischen Zytokinkaskaden. Neben der systemischen Inflammation
Accurately assessing children's asthma study.
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Regulation of bone mass in inflammatory diseases
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Use of inhaled corticosteroids and the risk of fracture.
New approach in which data on people with airflow obstruction from a large Medical Research Council study of the assessment and management of older people in the community with longitudinal data from their computerized general practice records provides further evidence that inhaled corticosteroid use is an independent risk factor for fracture.
Inhaled corticosteroids and hip fracture: a population-based case-control study.
In older subjects, the recent use of inhaled corticosteroid use and hip fracture is associated with a dose-related increase in hip fracture, even after adjusting for the annual number of courses of oral Corticosteroids.
A retrospective database study of oral corticosteroid and bisphosphonate prescribing patterns in England
Although OCS use is positively associated with BP prescription, variation among practices and CCGs exists and the variation in prescribing suggests there is still a need to improve GIOP prevention.
The limitations of using simple definitions of glucocorticoid exposure to predict fracture risk: A cohort study
GC exposure was associated with excess fracture risk, with effect size differing according to definition of exposure, highlighting the need to incorporate all exposure dimensions (dose, duration and recency) in these patient's fracture risk assessments.
Inhaled and nasal corticosteroid use and the risk of fracture.
The long-term use of inhaled and nasal corticosteroids at the usual recommended doses is not associated with a risk of fracture in older patients with respiratory disease.
Inhaled or systemic corticosteroids and the risk of hospitalization for hip fracture among elderly women.
This study aimed to determine the relation between inhaled corticosteroid use and hip fractures in elderly women, and to compare the rates of hip fracture in women who used inhaled or systemic Corticosteroids.
Use of Oral Corticosteroids and Risk of Fractures
The results quantify the increased fracture risk during oral corticosteroid therapy, with greater effects on the hip and spine than forearm, which has implications for the use of preventative agents against bone loss in patients at highest risk.
Effects of inhaled corticosteroid and short courses of oral corticosteroids on bone mineral density in asthmatic patients : a 4-year longitudinal study.
ICS therapy per se does not affect BMD, whereas frequent SC-OCS may do so, and as a whole, lumbar BMD was unchanged during the course of the study, whereas the Z score increased significantly.
Use of Inhaled Corticosteroids and Risk of Fractures
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    Journal of bone and mineral research : the official journal of the American Society for Bone and Mineral Research
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It is concluded that users of inhaled corticosteroids have an increased risk of fracture, particularly at the hip and spine, however, this excess risk may be related more to the underlying respiratory disease than to inhaled Corticosteroid.
Bone mineral density in perimenopausal women with asthma: a population-based cross-sectional study.
Although BMDs were not significantly decreased in the asthmatics who had used inhaled corticosteroids, the duration of use correlated negatively with spinal BMD and was also associated with spinalBMD in multiple regression analysis.