Risk factors for pulmonary barotrauma in divers.

  title={Risk factors for pulmonary barotrauma in divers.},
  author={Kerstin Tetzlaff and Michael F. M. Reuter and Bernd Leplow and Martin A. Heller and Eyke Bettinghausen},
  volume={112 3},
STUDY OBJECTIVES Pulmonary barotrauma (PBT) of ascent is a feared complication in compressed air diving. Although certain respiratory conditions are thought to increase the risk of suffering PBT and thus should preclude diving, in most cases of PBT, risk factors are described as not being present. The purpose of our study was to evaluate factors that possibly cause PBT. DESIGN We analyzed 15 consecutive cases of PBT with respect to dive factors, clinical and radiologic features, and lung… CONTINUE READING

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