Risk factors for positive tuberculin skin test in Guinea-Bissau.

  title={Risk factors for positive tuberculin skin test in Guinea-Bissau.},
  author={Per Gustafson and Ida Marie Lisse and Victor Emmanuel de Oliveira Gomes and Cesaltina da Silva Vieira and Christian Lienhardt and Anders Naucl{\'e}r and Henrik Jensen and Peter Aaby},
  volume={18 3},
BACKGROUND The tuberculin skin test is used for tracing of tuberculosis transmission and identifying individuals in need of prophylactic treatment. METHODS Using a case-control study design, we recruited 220 smear-positive tuberculosis cases and 223 randomly selected healthy community controls in Bissau, Guinea-Bissau, during 1999-2000. Tuberculin skin tests were performed on family members of cases and controls (n = 1059 and n = 921, respectively). Induration of 10 mm or greater was… CONTINUE READING

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