[Risk factors for non communicable chronic diseases among workers of a financial company].


BACKGROUND The epidemic of cardiovascular diseases in Chile, requires the development of strategies in health promotion and prevention. AIM To assess the prevalence of risk factors for chronic non communicable diseases among workers of a financial company in Metropolitan Santiago. MATERIAL AND METHODS Assessment of 2,225 workers (1,383 males with a median age of 49 years and 842 females with a median age of 43 years). All answered an enquiry about education, medical history, smoking habits and physical activity. Body mass index and blood pressure were measured and a blood sample was obtained to measure blood glucose and lipid levels. Logistic repression models were used to determine the main risk factors for hypertension, diabetes, obesity, hypercholesterolemia and hyperuricemia. RESULTS Sixteen percent of studied subjects were obese, 49% had overweight, 57% had hypercholesterolemia, 28% had high blood pressure, 4% were diabetic, 4% had hyperuricemia, 45% smoked and 83% were sedentary. Each worker had a mean of 2.4+/-1.1 risk factors. This figure was significantly higher among men, obese subjects, those older than 40 years and those with a lower educational level. CONCLUSIONS There is an important disease burden among the studied subjects, specially among obese and older individuals. Healthy lifestyles should be promoted in this population.

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