Risk factors for idiopathic frozen shoulder.

  title={Risk factors for idiopathic frozen shoulder.},
  author={Charles Milgrom and Victor Novack and Yoram Weil and Saleh Jaber and Denitsa R Radeva-Petrova and Aharon S. Finestone},
  journal={The Israel Medical Association journal : IMAJ},
  volume={10 5},
BACKGROUND Idiopathic frozen shoulder is a self-limiting regional skeletal problem of unknown etiology. Clinically, patients first experience a phase of pain, progressing to a freezing stage when glenohumeral motion is lost, followed by a thawing phase when pain gradually subsides and most of the lost motion returns. OBJECTIVES To identify possible specific and non-specific risk factors for idiopathic frozen shoulder. METHODS We compared the medical histories, drug treatment, previous… CONTINUE READING


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