Risk factors for asthma symptoms in Kawerau children.

  title={Risk factors for asthma symptoms in Kawerau children.},
  author={Richard A. Shaw and Katina Woodman and Julian Crane and Chris D. Moyes and Josh Kennedy and N. R. L. Pearce},
  journal={The New Zealand medical journal},
  volume={107 987},
AIMS To study risk factors for asthma prevalence in Kawerau children aged 8-13 years. METHODS Questionnaires on asthma symptoms and risk factors were completed in 1992 by parents of 708 Kawerau schoolchildren aged 8-13 years, a response rate of 82.0%; for a subgroup of children, stored serum samples from a 1984 survey were also analysed. RESULTS The overall prevalence of current wheeze (21.3%) was similar to that observed in other New Zealand surveys. The prevalence of current wheeze was… CONTINUE READING