Risk factors for amblyopia in congenital anterior lens opacities.

  title={Risk factors for amblyopia in congenital anterior lens opacities.},
  author={Derya Isler Ceyhan and Bruce Michael Schnall and Anita L W Breckenridge and Joann Fontanarosa and Sharon S. Lehman and John Carter Calhoun},
  journal={Journal of AAPOS : the official publication of the American Association for Pediatric Ophthalmology and Strabismus},
  volume={9 6},
PURPOSE We sought to identify the features of congenital anterior lens opacities (CALOs), which are associated with increased risk for amblyopia. METHODS We undertook a retrospective study of 59 patients with CALO from 3 clinical practices. The following variables were examined: type (polar, subcapsular, or pyramidal), location (central, paracentral, or peripheral), diameter, presence of adherent iris tissue, anisometropia (spherical equivalent), unilateral versus bilateral, and presence or… CONTINUE READING