Risk factors and recurrent thrombotic episodes in patients with cerebral venous thrombosis.


BACKGROUND The prevalence of thrombophilic abnormalities in patients with cerebral vein thrombosis has been reported to be similar to that in patients with deep vein thrombosis of the lower limb. The role of gender-specific risk factors (pregnancy, oral contraceptives) is well established, whereas that of other acquired risk conditions is debated. MATERIALS AND METHODS We screened 56 patients with cerebral vein thrombosis and 184 age- and sex-matched apparently healthy controls for prothrombin (factor II, FII) G20210A and factor V Leiden polymorphisms; protein S, protein C, and antithrombin deficiency; anticardiolipin antibodies; hyperhomocysteinaemia and other putative risk factors. RESULTS The G20210A polymorphism was found in 29.1% of patients and in 5.7% of controls (odds ratio [OR] 7.1; P<0.0001; adjusted OR 12.67, P<0.0001). Frequencies of factor V Leiden and hyperhomocysteinaemia were not significantly different in patients and controls, nor were the other thrombophilic tests and some established cardiovascular risk factors, such as smoking, obesity or overweight and arterial hypertension. Conversely, 53.7% of the women who developed cerebral vein thrombosis did so while assuming oral contraceptives (OR 6.12; P<0.0001), with a further increase of risk in FII G20210A carriers (OR 48.533). Some associated diseases (onco-haematological disorders and infections) also had a significant role. Over a median 7-year follow-up, irrespective of the duration of antithrombotic treatment, 9/56 (16%) patients had further episodes of venous/arterial thrombosis. No significant risk factor for recurrent thrombosis was identified. DISCUSSION In spite of the limitations of the sample size, our data confirm the role of FII G20210A mutation in this setting and its interactions with acquired risk factors such as oral contraceptives, also highlighting the risk of recurrent thrombosis in cerebral vein thrombosis patients.

DOI: 10.2450/2013.0196-12
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