Risk factors and outcome for nosocomial breakthrough candidaemia.

  title={Risk factors and outcome for nosocomial breakthrough candidaemia.},
  author={Alessandro Comar{\'u} Pasqualotto and Wagner Luis Nedel and Tiago Santini Machado and Luiz Carlos Severo},
  journal={The Journal of infection},
  volume={52 3},
OBJECTIVES To describe all cases of nosocomial candidaemia that occurred in patients in use of anti-fungals. METHODS Retrospective cohort study (1995-2003). Breakthrough candidaemia was defined as the occurrence of candidaemia in a patient receiving at least 3 days of systemic anti-fungal therapy. Patients with breakthrough candidaemia were compared to patients with non-breakthrough candidaemia. RESULTS During the period of study, 20 patients had breakthrough candidaemia, and 40% of them… CONTINUE READING


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