Risk factor patterns for cryptorchidism and hypospadias.

  title={Risk factor patterns for cryptorchidism and hypospadias.},
  author={Olof Akre and Loren Lipworth and Sven Cnattingius and P{\"a}r Spar{\'e}n and Anders Ekbom},
  volume={10 4},
To evaluate the hypothesis of a common etiology for cryptorchidism and hypospadias, we conducted two case-control studies nested in a nationwide cohort in Sweden, using record linkage between the Inpatient and Birth Registries. Cases were 2,782 and 1,220 boys operated for cryptorchidism or hypospadias, respectively. Five matched controls per case were randomly selected. Pregnancy and perinatal data were prospectively recorded in the Birth Registry. Data were modeled through conditional logistic… CONTINUE READING

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