Risk behaviours exhibited by free-roaming cats in a suburban US town

  title={Risk behaviours exhibited by free-roaming cats in a suburban US town},
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Free-roaming cats may experience numerous hazardous encounters in the outdoor environment, including: vehicular accidents, aggression from other animals and exposure to infectious disease. This research quantitatively examined the outdoor activities of 55 owned cats by monitoring pets outfitted with ‘KittyCam’ video cameras. KittyCams are a type of Crittercam, designed by National Geographic to allow recording of a cat-eye view without disrupting behaviour. We investigated the activities of… 

Risks and benefits to cats of free roaming versus containment

Free roaming domestic cats (Felis silvestris catus) are widespread around the world. Whether they are owned or not, their presence and management raises strong opinions between supporters of “cat

Spatial behavior of domestic cats and the effects of outdoor access restrictions and interventions to reduce predation of wildlife

Domestic cats (Felis catus) that roam outdoors have increased exposure to hazards to their health and welfare. Outdoor cats can themselves present a hazard to biodiversity conservation and wild

Estimating free-roaming cat populations and the effects of one year Trap-Neuter-Return management effort in a highly urban area

Free-roaming cat populations are increasing in urban areas around the world. Management strategies remain controversial, as attempts to rapidly minimize the impact of cats may conflict with finding

Mitigating the impacts of pet cats (Felis catus) onurban wildlife

The social attitudes in Australia, the USA, the UK, New Zealand, Japan and China towards pet cats and cat ownership and responsibilities were assessed, indicating that if any legislation was to be imposed regarding pet cats unique approaches would be required in each country.

Management practices of dog and cat owners in France (pet traveling, animal contact rates and medical monitoring): impacts on the introduction and the spread of directly transmitted infectious pet diseases.

It is found that a large proportion of dogs are taken for walks in metropolitan France, with frequent intraspecific contacts, but only a minority (1.4%) of dogs were allowed to roam freely, and both cats and dogs traveled less frequently outside the EU.



Urban cats: characteristics and estimation of mortality due to motor vehicles.

Analysis of Municipal Animal Shelter records revealed that the number of dead cats annually removed from Baltimore streets averaged 2,721 over 3 years, and a map of the location of 634 dead cats removed from city streets showed that areas of highest cat mortality were associated with areas of high human population density.

Public Perceptions of Domestic Cats and Preferences for Feral Cat Management in the Southeastern United States

ABSTRACT Populations of feral domestic cats and free-roaming, owned cats have increased throughout the United States, affecting wildlife and public health and warranting attention from a variety of

Study of factors that may predispose domestic cats to road traffic accidents: part 1

Between March 2000 and February 2001, six veterinary practices in Cambridgeshire collected data on 117 owned cats which they had examined after a road accident, and data from these cats were compared with a survey of the owned cat population for age and sex.

Habitat use and foraging behavior of tiger sharks (Galeocerdo cuvier) in a seagrass ecosystem

This study shows that using appropriate analysis techniques and a variety of field methods it is possible to elucidate the factors influencing habitat use and gain insights into the foraging behavior of elusive top predators.

Sub-ice foraging behavior of emperor penguins.

Emperor penguins (Aptenodytes forsteri) were equipped with a remote underwater video camera, the Crittercam, to evaluate sub-ice foraging behavior while the birds dived from an isolated dive hole, demonstrating a similar foraging strategy in birds diving without the camera.

Parasite prevalence in free-ranging farm cats, Felis silvestris catus

Clinical abnormality had a significant association with FIV and feline calicivirus infections, but sex, age, social status and feeding group had no significant link with prevalence of any parasites.