Risk-Sensitive Markov Decision Process with Limited Budget

  title={Risk-Sensitive Markov Decision Process with Limited Budget},
  author={Daniel Augusto de Melo Moreira and Karina Valdivia Delgado and Leliane Nunes de Barros},
  journal={2017 Brazilian Conference on Intelligent Systems (BRACIS)},
Markov Decision Process (MDP) commonly have the objective of finding a policy that minimizes the expected cumulative cost. Although this optimization criterion is useful, some policy executions may result in a too high cost, which for some applications is unacceptable (e.g. policies for military operations). A better optimization problem for those applications is based on probability maximization of cumulative costs within a threshold, called Risk-Sensitive MDP (RS-MDP). In the frame of RS-MDP… CONTINUE READING
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