Risk, Information, and Incentives in Online Affiliate Marketing

  title={Risk, Information, and Incentives in Online Affiliate Marketing},
  author={Benjamin Edelman and Wesley Brandi},
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The authors examine online affiliate marketing programs in which merchants oversee thousands of affiliates they have never met. Some merchants hire outside specialists to set and enforce policies for affiliates, whereas other merchants ask their marketing staff to perform these functions. For clear violations of applicable rules, the authors find that outside specialists are the most effective at excluding the responsible affiliates, which can be interpreted as a benefit of specialization… 
Information Design in Affiliate Marketing
This paper shows that with the revised mechanism the platform can overcome the multi-equilibria problem that arises in the traditional mechanism and obtain a profit which is at least as high as the maximum profit in any of the equilibria that hold in the latter.
Affiliate Crookies: Characterizing Affiliate Marketing Abuse
A measurement-based characterization of cookie-stuffing fraud in online affiliate marketing is provided and it is found that large affiliate networks are targeted significantly more than merchant-run affiliate programs and that in-house affiliate programs enjoy stricter policing.
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ABSTRACT Service providers increasingly use multiple channels for their advertising. One compelling combination integrates affiliate marketing with search-engine advertising. The affiliates' design
Marketing Professionals’ Views on Online Advertising Fraud
Abstract It is estimated that within the online advertising industry, online advertising fraud (OAF) accounts for at least 10 percent of all spending. Such a phenomenon requires a systematic analysis
Affiliate marketing: An overview and analysis of emerging literature
Affiliate marketing is a prominent, contemporary type of performance-based Internet marketing whereby a firm reimburses affiliates for each customer referred through the affiliate’s marketing effort.
Stuffing, Sniffing, Squatting, and Stalking: Sham Activities in Affiliate Marketing
Using a cross-domain simulation platform of a complete AM network, this study reveals four fraudulent information-seeking behaviors that could affect SMEs and proposes some managerial and technical avenues to assist enterprises in safeguarding themselves from activities that could incur considerable losses to their profit margins.
The Relationship Between Online Referral Marketing and Price Promotion: Evidence from a Large E-Commerce Platform
It is argued that price promotion arouses quality concerns and undermines the credibility of online paid referrals in a weak-tie environment, implying diminishing marginal returns for referral marketing and price promotion spending.
A Study on Consumer Attitude towards Affiliate Marketing for E-Business
The rapid development of affiliate marketing, a performancebased internet marketing practice, in the ongoing years, has made a serious market. The purpose of this study was to find approaches to
Controlling risks and fraud in affiliate marketing: A simulation and testing environment
A fraud simulation and testing environment of a functional AM network is presented, which can be used by AM practitioners and researchers alike, to test known fraud and risk scenarios through simulation as well as to discover new vulnerabilities.