Rising to the Ebola challenge, again

  title={Rising to the Ebola challenge, again},
  journal={Nature Microbiology},
  • Published 16 August 2018
  • Medicine
  • Nature Microbiology
The second outbreak of Ebola virus disease in recent months in the Democratic Republic of the Congo will test local and international responses. Fortunately, the experience gained since the West African outbreak of 2013–2016 means that we are better prepared to meet the challenge than ever before. 
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IgY antibodies against Ebola virus possess post-exposure protection in a murine pseudovirus challenge model and excellent thermostability

The therapeutic efficacy of immune IgY antibodies in vivo was evaluated in newborn Balb/c mice who have been challenged with the VSVΔG/EBOVGP model and shows a lot of promise in entering the realm of efficient Ebola virus treatment regimens.

Infection and immunity: insights and therapeutic strategies through genomic analysis of the host, pathogen, and host–pathogen interaction

This special issue of Genome Medicine highlights the ways in which state-of-the-art genomic-sequencing technologies, systems biology, and bioinformatics are advancing research into pathogens and the immune response, as well as applications in surveillance, detection, biomarker discovery, and therapeutic design to prevent and treat infection.