Rising incidence and high mortality in intentional sodium nitrite exposures reported to US poison centers

  title={Rising incidence and high mortality in intentional sodium nitrite exposures reported to US poison centers},
  author={Sean D McCann and Marit S Tweet and Michael S Wahl},
  journal={Clinical Toxicology},
  pages={1264 - 1269}
Abstract Introduction Sodium nitrite is an oxidizing agent capable of producing profound methemoglobinemia. Large quantities of sodium nitrite can be purchased online, and recent literature has identified several cases of intentional self-poisoning, including multiple cases of mortality. This has raised concern that intentional sodium nitrite poisoning and resultant severe methemoglobinemia may be increasing in incidence and could represent a substantial public health threat. Materials and… 

Comment on “Rising incidence and high mortality in intentional sodium nitrite exposures reported to US poison centers”

This study performed an almost identical retrospective review of intentional sodium nitrite ingestions over an 11-year period (2009–2019) utilizing the NPDS database, using the same database and very similar methodology.

Survival after self‐poisoning with sodium nitrite: A case report

This case report describes an intentional sodium nitrite ingestion with favorable outcomes and highlights the proper treatment of this ingestion with intravenous methylene blue.

National Poison Data System (NPDS) review of intentional sodium nitrite ingestions 2009–2019

An 11-year retrospective review of intentional sodium nitrite ingestions reported to the National Poison Data System from January 1, 2009-December 31, 2019 found that intentionally ingesting sodium nitrites represents a novel, growing trend and carries a high mortality rate among young adults.

Suicide attempt using sodium nitrite ordered on the internet: Two case reports.

Case reports of 2 patients who attempted suicide by sodium nitrite after ordering a "suicide powder" on the internet market are presented, highlighting how simple and easy it is to buy Sodium nitrite for suicidal purposes.

Severe intentional sodium nitrite poisoning is also being seen in France

Whilemethemoglobinemia remains uncommon among poison exposures, the data suggest that self-poisoning with nitrites/nitrates is rising and policy makers should be aware of the ease with which nitrites and nitrates may be obtained and their potential for self-directed violence.

Death from severe, refractory methaemoglobinaemia: A case report to illustrate an increasingly frequent manifestation of deliberate self‐poisoning

A case which highlights multiple system and clinical factors that should be optimised to manage severe methaemoglobinaemia cases and the promotion of sodium nitrite for euthanasia in a publication in late 2017 is reported.

Are sodium nitrite exposures increasing in the United States?

[1] Etheridge SM. Paralytic shellfish poisoning: seafood safety and human health perspectives. Toxicon. 2010;56(2):108–122. [2] Gessner BD, Middaugh JP. Paralytic shellfish poisoning in Alaska: a

Methemoglobinemia and Delayed Encephalopathy After 5-Bromo-2-Nitropyridine Poisoning: A Rare Case Report

The case of a 40-year-old man who suffered skin and respiratory tract exposure to leaked 5-Bromo-2-nitropyridine at work and developed dizziness, fatigue, nausea, vomiting, chest distress, diffuse cyanosis, and coma is reported.

A teenaged patient with spontaneous pneumopericardium after hookah smoking

[1] McCann SD, Tweet MS, Wahl MS. Rising incidence and high mortality in intentional sodium nitrite exposures reported to US poison centers. Clin Toxicol (Phila). 2021;1–6. DOI:10.1080/15563650.

Letter to the editor: Dramatic increase in deaths from nitrate/nitrite self-poisonings reported to poison control centers since June 2020

A biocompatibility study of salamander skin secretions in cell cultures and Gene conversion facilitates the adaptive evolution of self-resistance in highly toxic newts.



The Beef Jerky Blues: Methemoglobinemia From Home Cured Meat.

An adolescent girl and her father developed clinically significant methemoglobinemia after ingestion of "homemade" beef jerky prepared with sodium nitrate salt purchased at a local grocery store.

Faulty sausage production causing methaemoglobinaemia

A family outbreak of methaemoglobinaemia following ingestion of sausages made using ‘saltpetre’ is reported, with extremely serious consequences.