Rising concern of nomophobia amongst Indian medical students

  title={Rising concern of nomophobia amongst Indian medical students},
  author={Neelima Sharma and Pooja Sharma and Neha Sharma and R. R. Wavare},
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Background: Aims and objectives of current study were to assess the pattern of mobile phone usage and prevalence of nomophobia amongst third year medical students in north India. Methods: A cross sectional study was conducted amongst 130 medical students of third year MBBS of Sri Aurobindo institute of medical sciences, Indore. A pre-formed pre-tested questionnaire was used. Data were analyzed statistically by simple proportions. Results: Response rate was 90.76%. Female preponderance (65… Expand
Nomophobia: an emerging issue in medical institutions?
Nomophobia is found to be prevalent in students of 1st year MBBS in a cross-sectional study carried out on students in Pune city. Expand
Evaluation of nomophobia among medical students using smartphone in north India.
It is of serious concern that all medical students were suffering from nomophobia, with varying grade of severity, and increasing awareness regarding the harmful effects of smartphone addiction is needed. Expand
Nomophobia - mobile phone dependence, a study among students of a rural medical college
Background: Nomophobia literally means ‘no mobile phobia’ that is the fear of being out of mobile phone contact. People experience symptoms of withdrawal when they are away from mobile phones. ToExpand
The Prevalence and Psychological Symptoms of Nomophobia among University Students
T his empirical study investigates the prevalence and symptoms of Nomophobia among university students in Saudi Arabia. An anonymous and self-reported survey was distributed from Feb 2015Expand
Nomophobia and Health Hazards: Smartphone Use and Addiction Among University Students
Given the incidence rate of nomophobia disorder was moderate, it is necessary to make preventive decisions and plan educational programs in this regard for the health of university students. Expand
Nomophobic behaviors among smartphone using medical and engineering students in two colleges of West Bengal
NMP has emerged as a significant cause of concern among both the groups and standardized measures for identification and appropriate psychobehavioral therapy for those seeking help might alleviate the problem. Expand
Nomophobia: A Mixed-Methods Study on Prevalence, Associated Factors, and Perception among College Students in Puducherry, India
A sizable minority of the students had signs of severe nomophobia, distinct patterns of usage, and misperceptions regarding health and their usage pattern, according to the in-depth interview. Expand
Comparative study of nomophobia among Spanish and Portuguese nursing students.
Comparisons between nursing students at the University of Almeria, Spain and the Polytechnic Institute of Braganza, Portugal showed both Spanish and Portuguese nursing students scored higher than average regarding levels of nomophobia, but the scores gathered from items on the questionnaire were generally higher among the Portuguese population than the Spanish one. Expand
Pattern of mobile phone usage among medical students
Aims and Objectives: The aim is to study the pattern of mobile phone usage among medical students. Materials and Methods: A cross-sectional study was conducted among medical students of 2nd year MBBSExpand
Measuring the Enormity of Nomophobia Among Youth in Pakistan
The major purpose of the study was to know the enormity of nomophobia among youth in Pakistan. A screening questionnaire comprised of questions related to age, ownership, and usage of smartphones wasExpand


A Study to Evaluate Mobile Phone Dependence Among Students of a Medical College and Associated Hospital of Central India
The study was undertaken to find out the prevalence of nomophobia in the Indian scenario considering the tremendous increase in the number of mobile phone users in the past decade. Expand
[Subjective symptoms related to mobile phone use--a pilot study].
The large number of young people complaining of headache and impaired concentration calls for further research to investigate the underlying reasons and it cannot be excluded that one of them may be exposure to EMF emitted by mobile phone. Expand
Nomophobia: The Mobile Phone in Panic Disorder With Agoraphobia: Reducing Phobias or Worsening of Dependence?
  • A. L. King, A. M. Valença, A. Nardi
  • Psychology, Medicine
  • Cognitive and behavioral neurology : official journal of the Society for Behavioral and Cognitive Neurology
  • 2010
A case report of a patient who has continuously kept his MP with him since 1995 because of his overwhelming need to feel safe and to be able to immediately call emergency services and people he trusts should he feel sick. Expand
A proposal for including nomophobia in the new DSM-V
This manuscript proposes to consider the inclusion of nomophobia in the DSM-V, and makes a comprehensive overview of the existing literature, discussing the clinical relevance of this pathology, its epidemiological features, the available psychometric scales, and the proposed treatment. Expand
Studying the effects of mobile phone use on the auditory system and the central nervous system: a review of the literature and future directions
Although it has been suggested that EMR is related with increased incidence of specific tumors and can interact with known carcinogenic agents, no conclusive evidence exists supporting its role in carcinogenesis, therefore, no safe conclusions can be drawn regarding the potential harmful effects of mobile phone use. Expand
Rising concern of nomophobia amongst Indian medical students
The pattern of mobile phone usage and prevalence of nomophobia amongst third year medical students in north India was assessed to give a brief idea about the woeful outcomes of nomophobics. Expand
Nomophobia: Is it real, or just our imagination
  • Available at: http://blog.engagepr.com/blog/2013/06/nomophobia -is-it-real-or-just-our-imagination.html. Assessed
  • 2014
Cell-phone junkies feel phantom ring vibrations
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